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Why I love the wordpress Divi theme and why you should too

by Kaycinho

* Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link, which means we do get a commission if you make a purchase through our link, but rest assured we only recommend Elegant Themes because we use and absolutely looooove their products.

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Divi, Layouts Cafe | 0 comments

hy do I love the wordpress divi theme and why should you too? Not too long ago, for me, starting a new web project meant looking for a new wordpress theme, each and every time, to match the client’s goals and identity. Of course, I did recycle some of the best ones, depending on the project, as long as the themes allowed me to make enough changes so that the websites wouldn’t look as mere clones.


With it, came the inevitable frustration about starting from 0 again, hoping that the developers had done a good job in the back-end so that it would be easy enough to setup the site to let me concentrate on what was really important crafting a digital experience to serve my client’s goals. Unfortunately, the only way to find out was to purchase the theme and pray the Saints of the Web that my money wouldn’t be wasted. Let me tell you that in many occasions, it looks like the Saints weren’t listening, which lead to solid frustration and less money in the bank.

Another issue was that when you create a website for clients that do not speak english, I often times found myself having to translate the backend strings of text of the theme that I had purchased for the project, so that the end client would be able to make updates of their website. Now with tools like PoEdit or WPML, it’s kind of straightforward, but when you land on a mega-bloated wordpress theme with hundreds or even more than a thousand of strings of text to translate, I can tell you that this is not funny. Not funny at all!


So I did what many of us do, when I had to decide between a few themes, I would give my priority to themes that were using a multilingual page builder. There are a few, but to cut a long story short, let’s say that Visual Composer was what I was looking for.

Now the thing about Visual Composer, in terms of features, it’s great : there are a lot of modules you can play with. No worry about that. But what I personally dislike about Visual Composer is that:

– I do not find it intuitive
– I find it slow as hell


Now imagine what happens when the theme itself is bloated and slow. Add that to using an un-intuitive builder (again this is just my personal opinion, I don’t make it a universal law) and you can imagine the frustration.

And the frustration keeps growing when I know that for the next project, I’ll probably be using another theme, wondering about whether or not my money and my time is going to be wasted, and so on. It just never stops.

About a year ago, as I was looking for a wordpress theme for a new project, I decided that, instead of going to Themeforest as I usually did back then, I’d just search for the best wordpress themes of the current years.


In the 20 or so lists that I went through, the wordpress divi theme from Elegant Themes* was almost always mentioned. I gave a quick look at it as I opened the demo site in a google chrome tab, among the 80 other open tabs (bad I know!) but at first glance I didn’t find anything special about it. How wrong was I! But more on that later.

So I was kept looking around, and, timing was perfect, because a couple of days later, Divi 2.4 was out. I read an article about Divi 2.4 and how it was a game changer. By reading through the article I quickly started to understand why this was an understatement. Having been in the web for a while, Divi looked like it was too good to be true, so I checked the new demo site and this time I was impressed!

* Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link, which means we do get a commission if you make a purchase through our link, but rest assured we only recommend Elegant Themes because we use and absolutely looooove their products.


This was the perfect opportunity for me to test the wordpress Divi theme and so I did. And let me tell you this is one of the best purchase decision I have made in my web life.

Now before you start wondering, you have to know I’m not the kind of person that is easily impressed, especially considering the myriad of crappy products out there in the digital world. But although the wordpress divi theme is not perfect( no theme/ tool is), it certainly aims high and offers both professional web designers /developers and enthusiasts a smooth and awesome experience, whether to create a professional website, a simple blog, or a portfolio website. Even ecommerce websites can look gorgeous (although there is room for improvement in that area). Actually, Divi allows you to let your creativity flow to have your website look exactly as you want, while taking away some of the pain I’ve mentioned earlier.

And if you don’t have any creativity: fear not my friend, the library system allows you to load premade layouts where all the looks have be crafted for you ( you’ll actually find a few right here on this website, but not only! ).

So what’s so great about the wordpress Divi theme and why should you use it ?

Let me break it down for you:

1. The Divi Builder is fast. Very fast!


Divi is very well built from the ground up. You can feel that the team behind it know what they’re doing. And if you’ve bought dozens of themes like I have, you will instantly know what I’m talking about. It just snaps. The drag and drop interface is very easy to pickup and is very reactive. Now if your website is hosted on a crappy host, there is nothing Divi will be able to do for you, unfortunately. But if you’re hosted on a normal decent host you will notice the difference.

Even when getting started with Divi, it is very easy to understand how it works and you’ll start crafting layouts in a matter of minutes. Do not let the large number of modules intimidate you. My advice for non-techies is to just create a page, add every possible module and start playing with the settings.

Of course, there is a learning curve if you want to master it and stand out from the crowd, but if you’re in a hurry, the folks at Elegant Themes have packed Divi with pre-made layouts so you can get started in no time.

At the time of writing this article, Divi 3.0 is about to go Beta so I can’t tell you how excited I am (me and a few thousands other happy clients) about it. If you haven’t heard about Divi 3.0, basically it will add the possibility to edit you site on the front-end with an even faster version of the builder. And while I personally enjoy working in the backend, I’m excited because I know my clients will love it.
Now I know other builders like the Beaver Builder and even Visual Composer already offer that feature. But what I’m excited about is not the possibility to edit a wordpress site on the front-end: what I’m really excited about is that one of the best wordpress page/layout builder is about to become even better.

2. You get an incredible value for your money


As previously said, purchasing Divi is one of the best purchase of my digital life. Think about it: for the price of one theme (69$ for the Personal licence) you get access to 88 themes that you can use an unlimited number of times! Again: “unlimited website usage” is enough to stop the article here. Because on other Marketplaces, for this price, you’d only get the right to use the theme once. Of course 2 things to keep in mind though:

– although there are 88 themes, let’s face it, only the Divi and Extra themes are really worth mentioning here, with Divi being the current flagship product at Elegant themes.
– the pricing is actually an annual fee that you will need to renew if you want to keep getting updates and new plugins / themes. But if you don’t renew you can still keep using Divi and you sites will remain active. You will not get the updates though

Now to be honest I wouldn’t advise purchasing the 69$ personal license. Why? Because for 89$ you not only get Divi, but also access to all the plugins. The Bloom plugin (the email optin module) alone is worth the extra 20$ bucks. Not to mention the Monarch plugin (social sharing plugin) and of course the Divi Builder, which allows you to use Divi in any wordpress theme (so that if you’re stuck with another theme for some reason you can still benefit from the Divi builder).

The last tier in the pricing of Elegant Themes at the time of writing this article is the LifeTime Membership. Let me tell you that it did not take long before I upgraded!

The good thing is that you can start with a license and upgrade when you feel comfortable.

3. Divi is built by passionate people at Elegant themes


When you buy a theme/ plugin on a crowded marketplace, you will never get a persistent experience. When lucky you will find awesome developers/companies that have crafted great products but when that is not the case, you’re left all alone in your pain. So what you’re doing really is taking a bet each and every time. Now let me make this clear: there are a lot of awesome developers/companies in the various marketplaces out there, you just need to spot the signs that tell you they are worth your money.

Elegant Themes has a different approach. Because their team is crafting the themes/plugins, the experience will bring consistency to your workflow. But what really astonishes me is how the passion for their products seems to flow through their veins. In the year or so that I’ve used Divi I’ve seen consistent updates, and the product keeps getting better and better without me asking anything. Of course Divi is not perfect, there is still room for improvement. But we all know no product is perfect. However, when the team behind the product aspires to perfection, it’s a very good sign for the future.

4. Divi is already translated in 32 languages



If you only work with english speakers this might not be relevant, but if you’re part of the large portion of non-english wordpress users, having the backend of your wordpress theme already translated in your language can make a difference. Now if you’re a freelance web designer / web developer this will make even more sense. The only thing you have to do is to install wordpress in your language, and upon activation of Divi, the back-end strings of text will reflect that choice. And if your language is not among the 40 or so languages already available, why not contribute with your translation? You will only need to do it once and many will benefit from it.

5. Divi is more a framework than a simple wordpress theme


Calling Divi just another wordpress theme sounds a bit odd to me. I see it more like a framework because you can pretty much build anything with it: whether you are a newbie or a confirmed developer, you will not be stuck with a mere set of page layouts. The settings at all levels (section / row / module/ theme options / theme customizer / moduule customizer) allow enough customization for non-techies while the more advanced users will benefit from the code module and will tweak their project with custom Css.

6. Divi is built for the future thanks to the Divi builder


When Divi came out, one of the concerns was that because its builder generated shortcodes, it would be painful for one to transfer a Divi site to a new theme. That is now history since the Divi builder was released as a standalone plugin that can be used in any WordPress theme. Some might say it does not change the fact that you’d still need to stay with Divi in spirit (the Divi Builder) but I don’t think it would be any different with any other theme: when you re-design your website, it’s quite rare that you’d just switch to a new theme and everything would look perfect like in fairy tales 🙂 You’d most probably need to work on your post images / featured images as well as other layout considerations. Now if you have a site with a few thousand pages, this might be a problem indeed. But then again it would be a problem with any theme that uses shortcodes or a builder.
At least, you know that the Divi builder can be integrated in any wordpress theme, should you need to switch, so at the very least, it would make the transition smoother.

7. The Divi library is going to save you hours


How ofter do you re-invent the wheel when working on a new project? Frustratingly, I used to do it a lot when using new themes for every other project. With Divi, you can save complete pages, or just specific modules in the Divi library. You can then export your library and import it in your new project. Over time, this is very handy and has certainly saved me and many others a good amount of time. Time is money as they say. Well if that’s true, you’re going to save a lot of money in the process.

One feature that I personally love is the global items: you can save any element as a global element. For example you could create a call-to action divider that you would save as a global element. That call-to-action could say something like “Benefit from our 50% flash promo”. Now when your campaign would be over, all you’d have to do is change the content of the global element to reflect another message such as “Subscribe to our newsletters and get exclusive freebies” and your call-to-actionw would be changed sitewide.

Now if you’re just looking to build a single website, the Divi library will come handy too. Not only will you be able to save your layouts but you will also benefit from the premium and free layouts that the Divi community has produced. Layouts Cafe is no exception and you will find premium layouts and child-themes as well as some freebies to enhance your project.

8. Divi is great both for newbies and advanced users


If you’re a non-techie it can be frustrating to produce a quality website because the amount of skills you need can overwhelm you pretty fast: crafting a good design and a good user experience demands an eye for design, how to write good copy, how to select great visuals, how to find a good color scheme, not to mention how to add some interactivity to your pages and produce a consistent experience throughout your site.

Now let’s get this clear: Divi is not a magic tool that will get you the site of the days on Awwwards without lifting a finger, but the good news is that even a non-techy person will be able to produce a decent and solid website pretty intuitively. And if you’re ever stuck, Divi has a great community to help you throughout your journey.

Advanced users will also find their way in Divi because they know how to customize a theme to make it look/behave exactly like they want. Divi is no exception here, and the code module as well as the custom css code options will allow developers to tailor Divi to their needs. For example, css styling can be added globally, at element level or even at page level, which is pretty handy when you want to style a specific page but do not want the css styles to affect your site globally.

9. The Divi community is great


Although we don’t live Alice Wonderland my experience with the Divi community so far has been very good. You will always find help, especially in the dedicated Divi groups on Facebook where you might end up hanging a lot, not especially because you need help, but because you learn a lot and at one point, you might be able to help too. And in the process you learn about new techniques and tools that will make your website or your next projects even better.

There are many other reasons why I and thousands of others would recommend Divi as your next wordpress theme (Divi Leads anyone?), but if you’ve made it this far I’ll stop because no one better than yourself will know if this is the right tool for you. There is a 30 days money back guarantee so there is really no risk and with it, no excuse whatsoever.

That being said, if you wanted an honest opinion about the product, you have it.

We never now what comes next, tomorrow a better tool might pop up, but for the time being, I can say that Divi is a great theme/framework/website builder, call it the way you want, as long as you get your hands dirty with it and produce great looking websites.

* Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link, which means we do get a commission if you make a purchase through our link, but rest assured we only recommend Elegant Themes because we use and absolutely looooove their products.




Kaycinho is an online entrepreneur, digital alchemist and digital expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field.


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